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In order to succeed in the Notary Business, you need a strong partner who takes a personal interest in your continued success. Precision Notary Group is seeking qualified notary professionals to add to our nationwide database. When you become a member, your name will be accessible to Signing and Title Companies nationwide.


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  • Staying Healthy
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We understand that your business is your livelihood, your dream, and perhaps, your identity. It is our intention to provide a platform for notaries to market their services to companies in need of professional, precise Notary Signing Agents. Our commitment to our members is to focus on being responsive, decisive, and forward-thinking. We are always intentionally looking at the road ahead, not in the rear-view mirror. Precision Notary Group is always looking for emerging and future trends in order to identify evolving opportunities. It is our intention to provide early insight so you can think, plan, and act so your business can be on the cutting edge of success.

Precision Notary Group wants to help you realize your vision, advance your business and achieve your goals.  We hope we can encourage you to think beyond the fundamentals and challenge you to become exceptional in the Notary Business. Our goal is to be creative and responsive to your needs not only setting expectations, but exceeding them. Our goal is to create new opportunities for you and your business.

·         We want to help you do your job better

·         Inform you about new innovations

·         Seek to create new opportunities for you and your business

·         Help you create a strategic planning process

·         Identify new revenue streams for notary professionals

In today’s commercial market place, the majority of consumers first look to the internet for services they need. The ability to be found by Signing Companies online is paramount to being successful in your business. It is our mission to make your profile visible and searchable. When signing companies search our database, we provide access for them to find you quickly with our Precision Notary Search Feature. We look forward to presenting your range of expertise and quality of service to Signing Companies.

·         Helping Notaries create and maintain relationships with Signing Companies

·         Creating and adding value to your business

·         Tools to help market your business

·         Marketing Preferred Profiles directly to Signing Companies

There is a Spanish proverb that says, “A person too busy to take care of their body is like a mechanic too busy to take care of their tools.” Our health is extremely important in our personal and business life. It is important that we do not sabotage ourselves when it comes to health issues. When a business owner is healthy and maintains a healthy lifestyle then their business success reflects it.

·         Fitness

·         Exercise

·         Eating

·         Sleeping

Precision Notary Group provides learning tools that give members access to various aspects of the notary signing agent business. We have plans to roll out more business tools that will give you the opportunity to learn and be more effective in your business.

·         Learning increases revenues (we endeavor to equip you to be the best you can be and this creates a demand for your services)

·         Provide insight on ways to capitalize on opportunities to meet business goals

Your success always comes first and Precision Notary Group wants to help you realize your vision, advance your business and achieve your goals. We will provide services and information that are designed to help members achieve their goals.All aspects of our member relationships will be handled with honesty, integrity and confidentiality.Your questions and concerns will never go unanswered. We are committed to responding to members’ questions and needs in a timely manner.


A Notary must be precise and knowledgeable when dealing with a variety of forms.  Precision Notary Group endeavors to provide assistance in information related to the signing and notarial process.


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Notary Term of the Month

Mortgage on Real Property:  

a document creating a lien on a property.





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Precision is an integral part of the notarial process. The Precise Notary is a monthly publication that is used to keep notaries informed about new innovations and news from the business world that affects their businesses.

The April 2014 issue of The Precise Notary is now available. Read it now. (Previous issues can be found here.)

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